Subsidized Weekly Meal Plan

The Haumea Collective is on a mission to support moms! We can’t fold your laundry for you (yet!), but we can certainly help provide good nutrition for you and your baby. If you’re unable to afford our plans at the full price you can apply for our subsidized plan and we will work with you to create a discount that fits for your family and needs!


How does it work?

Fill out an application and we’ll get in touch with you. Once you’re signed up you will receive an email each week with the menu of what we’re preparing. Just email us back with your selections and pick them up at The Space & Light Center in Downtown Hilo. Check out sample menus below!


week 1

chamomile, lavender & nettle tea

cinnamon raisin chia pudding

rosemary roasted roots

healing beet soup

raspberry energy bites


week 2

passion flower, mint & lemon balm tea

blueberry oatmeal

purple sweet potato salad

creamy pumpkin soup

lemon chia energy bites


week 3

raspberry leaf, rose & linden flower tea

macadamia vanilla coconut yogurt

ulu salad

quinoa & local veggies

macadamia vanilla energy bites