The Food Web

These ladies grow, create and provide new mothers with delicious, organic broths, soups, salads every week.


Sarah Rosehill

loved by the sun juice | owner

Sarah is the owner of Loved by the Sun, a juicery in the heart of Hilo Town which blesses our community with local, organic grinds and cold-pressed juice. Her commitment to sustainable foods and nutrition first began with a deep passion to serve the Hawai’i farmer community and to create the web of relationships by which the fruits of their labor could reach the ones who need it most. A mother of three, she uses her knowledge of nutrition to create delicious bone broths and fresh juice blends that are deeply healing and anti-inflammatory. Much of the Haumea Collective’s meals are brewed in her certified kitchen filled with wafting scents of fresh citrus and greenery.


Meagan Henry


Meagan provides staple Hawaiian crops such as cassava and kalo. She is frequently one of the many women infusing your monthly baskets with food medicine from her land on the Hamakua coast, grown with love and tenderness.

She is the founder of Hilo-based fine jewelry brand Steele Henry, as well as a truthful content creator on her youtube channel. As a transplant to the Big Island from the Big Apple, Meagan seeks to imbue purpose, meaning, and sentiments of harmony into all that she creates. 

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Katy Craine


Katy is an artist and a lover of creating recipes from life-giving foods.  She works for Sarah at Loved by the Sun making vibrant cold-pressed juices, bowls, and smoothies.  In her time off she loves experimenting with locally grown, organic ingredients to create nourishing, soothing and comforting soups and snacks.   As a part of the Haumea Collective, she hopes to be a force of love and support for women becoming mothers, and for the earth as the great mother.